Down With Big Lettuce, Up With Fish Who Farm

Burrito Justice

Quartz reports on the transformation of a Japanese floppy disk assembly line into… wait for a it… a hydroponic greenhouse! Lettuce is grown in vats in a clean room, never to see the light of day.


If you are a satisfied with Big Lettuce, so be it. But we here in San Francisco like to kill two birds with one stone. The founders of Mission Street Food are doing an aquaponic Kickstarter. Not satisfied with merely serving delicious food from a a truck then popping up in a Chinese restaurant and then making delicious hamburgers in a Vietnamese grocery store and then a bowling alley and then opening another restaurant in a former taqueria that was previously a donut shop open 25 hours a day, and then transcending waffles, Anthony and Karen and crew have taken it to another level — they want to employ fish to grow…

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