My Experience With Two Married Men

Nikky's Love Corner

I boarded a bus from benin to lagos and had a quiet time with myself. I was either


listening to a message, music or
playing games all through the journey.
Thank God for escaping an accident and that was where everyone started talking about the incident.
“Was that bike man blind? How could he be playing on the road? Thank God our bus driver handled the steering well. That trailer would have ran ito our bus while trying to avoid a collision with the bike.” Hmmmn,
thank God for that miss, I said to myself. I didnt utter a word out to them. I just kept to myself.

I never knew a married man beside me had been watching me all this while but as i attempted to alight from the bus, while waiting for the driver to open the door for me, he passed a paper to me and…

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