Truth; the one with the capital T.

Out of the Blue

On Signal Hill, Overlooking Long Beach 1983 Robert Adams

I’ve been reading through a short book, or rather a small collection of essays by Robert Adams, a photographer who rose to prominence during the New Topographics era.

Beauty in Photography addresses just that, the beauty aspect of photography and Adams constantly comes back to the beauty being based in Truth, capital T, Truth.

“The answer, as Keats knew, depends on the truth about which we are talking. For a truth to be beautiful, it must be complete, the full and final Truth.” -Robert Adams

I keep circling back to this idea that Truth has many hats, especially in today’s society of exploring the powers of manipulation (even though manipulation has been had by photography essentially since its beginning.) I think Truth has a special and very valid hat for photos composed out of truths to make another equally important Truth.

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