Your 1855 Dining Options

Burrito Justice

A hearty congratulations to Anthony Myint and Karen Leibowitz for reaching their funding goal on their Aquaponic Greenhouse Kickstarter for their upcoming restaurant, The Perennial!

Anthony and Karen were kind enough to come on Burrito Justice Radio on We re-lived ancient Mission history with the heady days of Mission Street Food and Mission Chinese (while it’s hard to believe, carbon dating confirms this as having happened SIX YEARS AGO), along with details of the aquaponic greenhouse that will supply greens and fish to The Perennial.

Anthony & Karen were game to review a menu printed in an 1855 Daily Alta California. This Bill of Fare was for the Barnum House on Commercial Street.

1855 Barnum House menu

You can listen to our assessment of the menu at the 94 minute mark, but Mr. Francois Martinez, Anthony Myint gives your menu the thumbs up: “This looks like an *awesome* restaurant.

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